Equibase Today's Racing App Reviews

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Pop up ads are out of control

Don’t bother with this app. Video pop up ads are so intrusive and constant that it is impossible to check the entries or results of even one race without interruption. Wildly frustrating. You can try to X out of the ad but it pops back up immediately. Or, you can watch the ad. That doesn’t help either. When the ad ends you are returned to your desired page where you get a glimpse of the content, then the ad pops up again. Over and over and over again. Hey, Equibase. If you want users to start hating State Farm, keep it up. I’m moving on.


Why is it that I don’t see the win & winning % in the snapshot page for some races ? Is it a bug or something? I’m a monthly subscriber . I would like to see these features for all races .

Great app!

Easy way to get a quick look at results from the races or to see who is racing.

Too Many Ads

Used to be a great app. Ads make it unusable. Maybe you guys can offer an ad free experience? I would buy!


App lags and flickers non stop, pretty much unusable in current form

Equi base

The odd and trainers are not visible any more whats up!

Today's Racing

Something changed latest version in that it does not display odds, jock and trainer in the race by race horse listing.

Doesn't work

Can't get PPs to download on phone. Just get an error message.


Fantastic,user friendly and first rate information.

Great App

Gives you everything you need to see, what horses are running that day. Shows what the horses have made money wise. Just a great app


The larger iPhones have been out for 2 years and he app isn't optimized for the larger screens. Lazy and a chore to use. Unfortunately it's the only app for racing worth using with out paying.

Update of 4/16 ....Lots of info missing

In results section ... lots of race description information missing or not displaying properly ... horses scratched shown as entered ...please fix ! ... also same in Entries ... race description shows only partial info ... race length sometimes missing ... please fix ... reformat text size or make text box larger

Great app but

The snapshot view always fails now. Used to work great. Pleass fix it.

Snapshot Feature

App crashes when trying to use snapshot feature. Other than that, great app.


Trouble with the snapshot feature When you try to add more than 3 categories it takes you out of the app? Awesome app just need a fix please!

at your fingertip

it's a great app but it's Equibase, how could it be anything less? reviewing entries allows you to see yearly records, last trainer and jock, bloodlines. results shows complete order of finish, payouts and provides a link to the chart. Changes for the day. the "more" section links to your virtual stable. 5stars. if you play the horses, get the app.

Sad story

The ads were awful. Now the Results page doesn't update for some tracks today. Just a mess

What the F@$&

How many adds does one app need? Apparently for Equibase you can't have enough. Will uninstall. Thanks for ruining a good thing.


A great app every horse player should have!

2 Stars, was a 5 star app.

Way too many ads now. It's almost like playing a video game trying to avoid hitting the ads. There were always ads before, hit one every once in a while. But now it's annoying. I've always recommended this app to my friends, but not now. If the ads go back to the way were (which were annoying, but tolerable), I will give it 5 stars and recommend it to friends.


This app is quick and a good review of all races.Simply go to any for your quick info.A real handy app.

Only works half the time

I can’t say much good about it - its fine, WHEN IT WORKS. I find that it likes to hang a lot. I am using it on 2 devices, iPad & iPod via wifi at home & at the track. In each case, it hangs after a few screen changes or searches, requiring a quit & restart of the app. Maybe it needs additional in-app purchases to work properly? Even getting the app back, doesn’t guarantee that it will work. I don’t use it to wager. I wouldn’t ever bet using it, imagine getting stuck with a last minute bet you want to cancel or change, or place!

Handy app

Use it all time for entries and results,charts even. Virtual Stable great time saver when it comes to tracking horses. Yes, it is all if that.

Best app out there for horse players

Love the constantly updating changes and virtual stable.

Needs the landscape feature back

The landscape feature is the only way to be able to read scratch reasons within the app. Also, an iPad app would be nice, been using the iPhone version on there and it is a bit obnoxious. Otherwise I use this app on a daily basis, as someone who is involved in the industry. Very convenient

Corregir horarios

Los horarios de las carreras en todos los hipódromos aparecen a las 12:00 a.m.

Equibase Aps Good & Bad

The old Ap is GREAT if using pre iOS 8.0. It doesn't work after 8.0, and the "new and improved" version is no good. It only wants to sell information.


would be a great app, but crashes constantly.

Nice Ap

Very useful ap with tons of information on all the tracks and horses.

Great info, but ads cover screen

The ads used to be at the top of the screen, above the relevant info so easily ignored. Now they slide up over the screen from the bottom, covering the data one uses the app to see. Clicking on the ad's close button also closes the screen. This whole exercise makes the app barely usable, when previously it was awesome.

Excellent App

I enjoy the app because give instant access to the races. It would be great to add a tab with Graded stakes only by day and not by track. Overall a great app


I really like the app it is helpful

Awesome App!!!

One of the best apps I've used, must have for the pony players.

Makes racing easier to follow

I used to have to go to several sites to keep up with the action. Now it's all in one app! It's great! Would definantly recommend it to everyone! Love love love it!!!

Apps crashes when adding to virtual stable

I did not have issues until the last update. App crashes every time I try to add a horse to my virtual stable :(


I use it daily to stay up to date

Could Be Very Useful

The longer this app is on the market the worse it gets! Wrong Dates, Wrong Scratches and worst of all Constantly Freezing up and sending Data Error message. Back to basics guys people love simple things that work

Love It

Use this app daily. Easy and informative.

No export option

This app needs to have an export function for people who buy the content. There is no way someone can read the form on their cell phone. Please fix this by allowing export or syncing across devices. If you are using this without purchasing anything then it is still not worth using the app. Go on the full website, it will save you some time.


This app is great! The only thing I would fix is that the results. I would like to see the race results for my virtual stable on my lockscreen for my mobile device.

Excellent !

Excellent ! Keeps, you inform


This app is truly awesome, yes indeed. Up to the minute information at your fingertips. So 5 stars for the racing info. However, - 4 stars for the ads and their cumbersome location. Sick of hitting ads while trying to navigate. Can't read charts anymore because the ads are in the way. Ridiculous

Love this app !

I have been using the Equibase App for about a year and a half and I love it. I check results, entries, and pedigrees all of the time. Love the new features of multiple dates being available for both entries and results. Great job.

Enough for me anyway

Very good app for casual horse players to weekend warriors, providing useful information for most US racetracks. Past Performances and Brisnet Speed Figures are available for purchase, although I've yet to do so. I imagine 'serious' players will have already found other apps more to their liking, but a very good app for us casual fans.

Love it!

This is a great app.

Great app

I love this app. If you enjoy wagering on horses, you need this. Great info at your fingertips.

Great App

Great app for any racing fan!!!

Kramer bear

Great app easy to use for beginner horse players.

Not bad

Needs more than 2 days entrys and results. It's been locking up a lot lately!!

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